welcome to my eudaemonia

eudaemonia (noun)
eu·​dae·​mo·​nia ˌyüdēˈmōnēə


this site will be the home of multiple blog posts, mini essays, full essays, notes, graphics, + more about the many things i love and want to learn about more in depth.

my main interests are, and therefore the main content on this site will be on:

  • vampires in pop culture (literature, film, tv) from the 1800s to now
  • 19th century western womens fashion
  • the horror genre throughout history
  • art movements throughout history
  • (mostly christian) theology
  • ancient history and the renaissance period


5-20-23: uploaded second post! Cupcake Couture: Comical British Court Dresses During the Regency Era

5-19-23: implemented lightbox on the "laid bare" essay page, so images can be viewed larger with a caption on click!

5-6-23: made my "laid bare" essay page mobile responsive (ish)!

5-1-23: revamped reading list tab! organized it into columns and added pictures and just made it look a lot better

4-23-23: added 1798-1806 fashion graphic to the visuals page! i want to make it look prettier & more cohesive some time & make interactive? we'll see

4-19-23: FINALLY fixed a responsiveness issue on my ramblings page for desktops exceeding 1680px width (im pretty sure). i feel like a genius. it took way too long for me to figure that out. dont ask me about mobile responsiveness.. its not going well.

4-17-23: added a "to-do" list to the sidebar on the ramblings page and added a cute reading companion :]

4-12-23: added many more links to the reading list

4-12-23: uploaded first post! Laid Bare: The Historical Context of the Change in Women’s Fashion in England, France, and America Leading up to the Wider Regency Era (1795-1825)

3-10-23: optimized for mobile viewing.. kinda. moved some stuff around and made code a little less messy. made nosferatu gif on left sidebar

3-8-23: created! made / added layout, pictures, and intro page text. also a couple resources